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A Security Officer licence is required if you are employed to perform any of the following functions:

a.  Patrolling or guarding another person’s property (including cash in transit) by physical means (which may involve the use of patrol dogs) or by electronic means;

b.  Keeping the property (including cash in transit) of another person under surveillance, including for the purpose of preventing theft thereof;

c.   Acting as a bodyguard or bouncer;

d.  Performing any function of screening individuals, as part of your regular duties, seeking entry into any public place or other premises; and

e.  Regulating traffic under the Road Traffic Act (Cap. 276).

Candidate who intends to be a security officer is advised to apply and obtain security officer licence approval from the Singapore Police Force before enrolling for the Security Modules. 

LyTa provides e-service assistance on this application of a licence when you book a course through us. 

This course is an excellent way for participants to learn a new skill or continue expanding an existing skill. As one of the most popular courses we offer, there are classes available at 2 locations and day & evening classes to fit all types of schedules. If you’re interested in learning more about this course, reach out and we’d be happy to help.

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