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One account for all your business financial needs

The typical business has 7 disconnected financial service providers. With Aspire you can scale faster with everything in one place.  Open an Account successfully via LyTa and receive exclusive cash credits . 


Easy, fast, and transparent

Send and receive money from any bank account with free local transfers

Get your own unique business account number which you can share with clients to receive money. Send and receive FAST and GIRO payments for free, with PayNow QR / VPN

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The corporate card for startups

The card that saves you time and your business money. Track spend in real-time and earn cashback on digital spend.

Receive international transfers, 3x cheaper than the banks

Receive international transfers in 50+ currencies, with conversion rates 3x cheaper than the average bank², and 19x cheaper when compared to PayPal.

The real interchange rates are applied³, with a transparent 0.5% fee.

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Business finance is better together

Onboard team members quickly and instantly, for free. No lengthy paperwork or branch visits.

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Automate your workflows
with direct integrations

Close the books faster, without errors.

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